They started their journey as Grasshoppers and returned as men!

On March, 23rd, 2019,  two nine-year-old „Hamburg Grasshopper“ boys from the Erich Kästner Schule went to Berlin to experience their very first Gaelic Sports youth tournament.

successful grasshoppers
successful grasshoppers

Davin and Mohammad, close friends in class and in hurling sport, fought together. They ran, they played, they were exhausted, they were happy.


Big thanks to Berlin Setanta for organising such a fantastic youth event for Hurling, Camogie and Gaelic Football. The welcoming atmosphere made it easy for the two Hamburg boys to immediately feel integrated and spend intense and fulfilling sports hours on the pitch. Young Mohammad was given the U10 „inspirational player“ award. An honour and joy for the Grasshoppers. „Hamburg Gaa“ and the young „Hamburg Grasshoppers“ kids team want to say thank You and: Gaelic Sports abú!

photo & text: Arnold Morascher

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